The Masks We Wear (not talking Covid or Halloween)

We are all perfectly imperfect. A mask is a way for us to hide behind our flaws. Yet, it’s our flaws make us unique and beautiful.

Look at all of the masks we wear…..

  • the mask of perfection (having it all together and looking great on the outside)
  • the mask of humor (being funny as a defense mechanism to hide from past pain)
  • the mask of the victim (being a martyr and not operating from a place of taking responsibility)
  • the mask of the self basher (never being enough, suffering, chronic disease and emotionally self sabotaging)
  • the mask of the people pleaser (lacking boundaries and putting others in front of your own needs)
  • the mask of the bully (manipulating others via words or physically, based on insecurity within)
  • the mask of the tree hugger (gotta save the world – the climate, the whales, etc to look good and be right about a message)
  • the mask of the control freak (using order and power over others to create a sense of security).

There should be no judgements about the masks we wear…as we all have worn a number of these masks in our lifetime. There should; however, be awareness about the masks. Perhaps it’s time to remove the mask and be authentic. Perhaps the mask was there to offer a lesson about life. Use the mask to become wiser and have gratitude for the lessons learned and then, take the mask off. Notice, once the mask is removed how you feel. Let that transform you internally. Discard the old way of being and set yourself free to be whole as a human being.

Photo of Broken to Beautiful Book

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